Rent the equipment you need to complete a move on your own


Move yourself with a moving truck rental

Avoid the hassle of hiring a moving company and having to stress about your precious belongings by renting a moving truck. When you rent a moving truck, you’ll be able to be in charge of your belongings from the start to the end of the move.

Move, on your own time when you rent a moving truck. You won’t be stuck with the moving company and their schedule. Load up the truck and unload the truck at times that work for you. Call today and find out about our moving truck sizes that you can rent.

Affordable rental choices

Area Wide Discount Movers has a number of moving truck options that are available to rent. The rates will vary up to the miles used and the number of hours that the truck is rented. You’ll be able to check with our locally owned company to find out your rental truck options.

Let us be your moving company whether you want to try to make the move on your own or you would like our professional and experienced movers to help you out.